Min Vagan

Product Descriptions :

  • Our IQ system pushes your riding info to the colorful smart dash, helping you to ride more efficiently with high durability and strength.
  • Long range and long battery life lithium ion / Phosphate battery.
  • Our synchronized braking system (SBS) combined with wheels ensure a safer ride.
  • Best OS synchronization get’s higher range with lesser energy consumption.
  • Marvelous optimization for high performance noise free motor v-2.0.

Min Vagan

48v / 60V – 250w

Lithium Ferro Phosphate / LFP

3 – 4 Hours

25KM / H

40 / 60 / 80 KM

Vivid Smart Dash


Straight, Hydraulic


Disk / Drum

3.0-10 -Tubeless Vacuum Tire